4 Reasons Why Legal Departments Need ALSPs

LegalEase Solutions

“A knowledgeable service provider or ALSP partner can help… evaluate how to bring AI into your existing workstreams”-American Bar Association

Corporate legal departments are tasked with maintaining high standards of efficiency, helping their organization stay compliant with rules and regulations, and providing legal counsel to their company. Alternative legal service providers (ALSPs) provide legal departments with high quality legal work. ALSPs are experts in more than one practice or jurisdiction.

In the aftermath of COVID-19, inflation, and work-from-anywhere work models, legal services rates have skyrocketed. Legal departments are stretched thin when it comes to resources, and have to work with tight budgets, making ALSPs an ideal choice.

Why ALSPs?

ALSPs are organizations with teams of experienced attorneys and cutting-edge legal technology to pinpoint legal department challenges and provide customized solutions for their clients’ unique needs.

Legal departments today are performing tasks beyond their traditional scope, such as legal operations, M&As, and more. Going the extra mile, these legal departments need solutions that full-service legal service providers such as ALSPs offer them.

Although ALSPs provide a range of services, most ALSP services include contract management & CLM, knowledge management, litigation support, and regulatory & compliance matters. LegalEase Solutions provides information relating to ALSPs and their importance.

Offer Cutting-edge Technology

Artificial intelligence (AI) is legal tech’s hottest trend, and for good reason. AI-powered legal tech such as CLM provides services that eliminate the risks associated with human error and oversight and speed up processes. Legal work needs to be focused and thorough, and ALSPs have legal tech with the AI capabilities to provide just that.

Services Fit in Legal Budgets 

With the economic downturn permeating the legal industry, legal departments grapple with tighter than ever budgets. Costs are monitored and reviewed in organizations, with scrutiny falling on the legal department. Legal budgets are reducing drastically, but legal work increases by the day. ALSPs have the resources and capabilities to provide efficient legal work that is usually a fraction of cost, making them an ideal choice for every legal department budget.

Automate Tasks

The bane of legal departments, rote tasks can pile on quickly and become mountains with no logical starting point. ALSPs are experts in automating rote and repetitive tasks for legal departments. Legal task automation helps legal departments eliminate tasks from their schedules, and gives them back their time and allows them to engage in meaningful work such as providing legal counsel to their organizations, or managing top-priority legal work instead.

Provide Additional Resources

The Great Resignation drained legal departments of their biggest assets – attorneys. Many legal departments are still stretched thin, and may need temporary or long term solutions to their staffing needs. ALSPs can fill the gap for legal departments by providing relevant solutions such as virtual attorney services. These services eliminate the need to involve HR in lengthy hiring and recruitment processes, and their “salary” is far less than an in-house resource would expect!