Marvin E. Kramer

The Silent Suffering: Unveiling the Truth Behind Domestic Violence Charges

Key Takeaways: Domestic violence affects individuals regardless of age, gender, race, or socioeconomic status. Domestic violence encompasses physical, emotional, psychological, and financial abuse. Victims of domestic violence often experience anxiety, depression, and trauma. Children who witness domestic violence can also suffer long-term psychological effects. Domestic violence can happen to men and within same-sex relationships. Victims…

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Professional Ethics in Family Law: Responsibilities of Family Lawyers

Professional ethics structure the bedrock of any legitimate practice, and family law is no exemption. Family lawyers stand firm on an exceptional footing of trust and obligation as they explore the genuinely charged and frequently delicate domain of familial connections. Maintaining professional ethics isn’t simply a prerequisite yet an ethical basic that shapes the manner…

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What are the key responsibilities of a family lawyer when handling child custody cases?

Child custody cases are emotionally charged and legally mind boggling matters that require the expertise of a family attorney to explore. These legal professionals assume a basic part in ensuring that the best interests of the child are maintained while supporting for their client’s rights. The critical responsibilities of a family legal counselor in child…

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