Thai Lawyers Warn Foreign people of ‘Resignation Letter’ Trick

These guidelines is pertinent to several situations, only one story that’s heard every so often in expatriate circles occurs when a may ask an overseas worker whose employment is ending to sign a document coded in Thai. The company attempt to give rid of it just as one trivial document for ‘filing purposes’ for instance, however , it’s a letter of resignation.

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This ‘trick’ can be utilized using the employer to prevent coping with create severance payments.

Employees member won’t be titled to severance pay if he/she signs a resignation even when employment termination was only before his/her signing this sort of document.

An worker whose employment remains ended along with the employer refuses to make a severance payment must claim while using the Thailand Work Court. Legal court will frequently rule for that worker making the claim, unless of course obviously clearly there’s material proof of the next:

Crime committed against employerIntentional act causing employer to suffer damageNegligent act creating the employer to suffer damageViolation at the office rules transporting out an itemized warning remains issuedAbsence for a lot of consecutive business days with no legitimate excuseEmployee remains sentenced to incarceration.

Employers in Thailand need to follow strict procedures and retain material evidence if they would like to terminate an worker ‘for cause’ without creating a severance payment.

An worker may also create a wrongful termination claim inside the work court, if his/her employment is ended with no approved cause of example individuals within the list above. The organization will have to cite one of those reasons within the termination letter whether it wants to argue such defense within the courtroom.

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Wrongful termination claims are compensated in addition for that severance pay needed to get compensated using the employer underneath the Thailand Labor Protection Act.

One attorney in Thailand masters in representing foreign clients employing their work and employment issues states on its website, within section titled Worker Termination, that:

Persuading an worker to sign a resignation letter may be the only short-cut employers can use to prevent coping with create severance payments with an undesirable worker.

Filing police reports is frequently a tactic can create unmanageable and illegal employees sign a resignation letter.

The company is among many masters in drafting and reviewing employment contracts for foreign individuals Thailand, whether their client for it is really an worker or employer.

For employers it stresses the need for some planning prior to getting, as Thai work law requires pricey severance payments to be able to fire an unproductive or unscrupulous worker.

The Thai attorney claims that generally, employees in Thailand possess the right to assert severance pay employing their employer if they’re ended. ‘Termination’ underneath the Thailand Labor Protection Act means any pursuit through which the organization doesn’t let the worker to help keep to operate and doesn’t provide the salary for that worker including occasions when the organization liquidates or transfers its business.